Women's Sport Trust 'Unlocked' Programme Launch, BBC, Media City

Why the medals, why the success, why the hard work if isn't to leave your environment in a better place for ALL of the next generation? - Sport can do that. It can change lives; it can change attitudes; it can change the world.

As an Ambassador for Basketball England’s “All Girls” Campaign, Siobhán has engaged with over 500 young girls across the country to encourage them to begin to play and continue to play basketball.

"Basketball is an amazing sport to get into. I have seen it change people's lives again and again. I've seen young women walk into a gym, make no eye contact with anyone, not want to say hello or interact and 30 minutes later challenge themselves to engage and join in - leaving the sessions holding their head high, having made new friends, confident to try new things and longing for their next session!"

Siobhán Prior

As part of the “All Girls” Programme Siobhán has:

Lead and Delivered an “All Girls” Satellite After School Club at the Nottingham Academy for 11-18 year olds.

Collaborated with the Jr NBA and Basketball England to organise and deliver One Day “All Girls” 3×3 and coaching clinics.

Collaborated with FIBA and Basketball England to organise and deliver “Her World Her Rules” basketball taster days.

Participated in panel discussions and question and answer sessions with young female players.

Worked with Basketball England on promotional videos and interviews to celebrate special events and days such as “International Women’s Day”.

Siobhán is a qualified teacher and a Level 3 Basketball Coach. She has a passion for guiding young females to become more accomplished players and more well rounded people by teaching them how to have successful habits and approaches to their training and basketball career. 

She has many years of experience leading the East Midlands Regional Development Programme as well as heading up the Aspire Programme for her region too, before stepping away from this in 2019 to concentrate on her Director role at the Academy Wildcats.

Siobhán also volunteers within her club, the Nottingham Wildcats – an elite basketball club in the UK for females. She coaches and mentors young female athletes from age 5 all the way to age 19. 

In recent years, she has also begun to mentor young female coaches within the Nottingham Wildcats set up. She guides them in planning and delivering sessions, communicating with players’ parents and guardians, event organisation, programme structuring and effective and appropriate data collection.

Aside from the more formal interactions Siobhán has with the young females she guides, she is also more informally accessible to them. Her phone line is always open and they will often call her to confide in and ask advice of her to help them navigate life choices and experiences. Many of them will continue to use Siobhán as a support system long after they have left the Wildcats programmes and moved on to University or the workforce.


What The Future Holds . . .

Siobhán continues to want to push the boundaries for women in sport.

Having been identified as one of 40 elite female athletes across the UK to be part of the Women’s Sport Trust “Unlocked Campaign”, Siobhán is excited to continue to learn from and collaborate with other like-minded and influential women in her field. 

The Women’s Sport Trust has provided invaluable support, access to learning materials and mentors for each of these 40 remarkable athletes. As one of these athletes, Siobhán feels more ready than ever to creatively and passionately raise the bar for women in sport.

Watch This Space . . .