Director of Nottingham Academy Wildcats

Siobhán took on the role of Director at the Nottingham Academy Wildcats in September 2018.

The Nottingham Academy Wildcats is a collaboration between Nottingham Wildcats Community Basketball and Sports Trust and The Greenwood Academies Trust that brings together Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Club and Nottingham Academy School.

The Academy Wildcats programme aims to bring together education and sport, in a unique way, that enables and empowers young people to use their love of basketball to propel them in the classroom, to be a positive member of their society, teach them life skills and to lead them in their next steps and further education, as they leave the Academy and move forward into the world.

Empowering the next generation of confident, empathetic and skilled leaders.

Sami Bieeu Awarding Medals at Schools Games Finals

The only way to learn to lead is to lead . . .

It is important that we empower young people to lead, affect change and be a positive member of their community.

We create opportunities and programmes that enable our young people to lead in their communities and beyond. Our Student-Athletes are encouraged to give back to pupils in both their own school and in other schools and community programmes in ways such as coaching, presenting at awards ceremonies, giving talks and being part of question and answer sessions.

They are encouraged to think about the world around them, begin to decipher what they think is important and to seek out opportunities to speak out and be activists for their passions.

We also provide opportunities for our Student-Athletes to up-skill in a variety of ways both within their own sport and outside of it. For example, coaching, refereeing and table officiating as well as exploring areas such as media.

Siobhán Prior

Live a life that encourages and helps others . . .

Siobhán has shown me how to use my voice and platform as a female Student-Athlete to empower others. I believe it’s important that we give back to the younger generations as it’s important that we show gratitude for the support we receive, the facilities that are available to us and the skills we have been taught so that we can help pass them down to the younger generations. Thus helping me to become a better leader in life.

Maisie Evison, Perform Student Athlete (17)
Maisie Evison Volunteering with Transplant Sport Kids
Ayah Ahmed receiving some outstanding GCSE Results

Continue to learn, gain qualifications and upskill . . .

Under the directorship of Siobhán and the work of her staff at the Academy Wildcats, our Student-Athletes have been afforded many opportunities to up-skill inside and outside of the classroom.

Commitment to Academics has been the priority of the programme since its inception, with Student-Athletes expected to complete extra hours of academic study in their purpose-built Study Hall at the Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Arena.

Outside the classroom, our Student-Athletes have opportunities to gain coaching, refereeing and table officiating qualifications as well as experiencing how to speak to different media outlets and learning to plan and deliver volunteer events.

Our Student-Athletes are using their love of basketball to drive them towards their next steps; Many of them earning athletic and academic scholarships to study their degree and continue their basketball journey in both USA and UK universities.

Shahbaz Haque, Greenwood Academies Trust Board Member

Elite behaviours cross over into all areas of life . . .

From the age of 13, Siobhán has taught us about behaviours on and off the court; Especially elite level behaviours. Siobhán has taught us the value of time; showing up early, being the last to leave and making the most of each minute we decide to give ourselves to something.
She has taught us the importance of health and looking after our bodies - going the extra mile to succeed in what we do. For example, stretching every day for an hour or making sure we sleep early enough and for long enough. It's the extra work that can help us achieve our dreams. Siobhán has also always taught us how important communication is throughout elite level sports and in our everyday relationships. For me, I believe that all these lessons we have been taught and Siobhán continues to teach us are extremely important because they translate into our daily lives off the basketball court and help us to become successful in school and our personal lives, as well as athletes.

Shaniya Rose
My Post Copy 2 (27)
Shaniya Rose Representing England U15

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